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Though Sculpture is Joanna’s first love her interest in Performance as a means of artistic expression has been a life long passion.

Joanna has a natural grace and strength in her physicality she has studied various forms of physical theatre including Dance, Mime, Clowning, Acrobatics and Acting her sensitive use combining these different art forms creates an extraordinary experience for the audience. Joanna is capable of conveying extreme vulnerability and exceptional resilience and power.

Some of Joanna’s performances are site specific and will only ever take place once. A photographer may be the only witness and the resulting photograph the only proof that the performance took place. Some performances are created similar to a theatrical experience and may be performed many times.

After a performance the wearable art work can be exhibited as a sculpture in its own right. Joanna’s collection of Wearable Artwork stands like an impressive Armoury – her performance work and sculptural costumes have enabled her to travel and work worldwide.

Joanna sees her performances and sculptures as one body of work, each feeding into the other – informing, strengthening and exploring a concept to its fullest potential.

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