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Sculptor & Performance Artist 

Joanna Peacock is a British Artist currently residing and working in Essex England. Joanna trained in Fine Art for 7 years specializing in Sculpture – she has a body of work spanning over 25 years.

Joanna’s work is primarily Sculpture based however some of these Sculptures are considered Wearable Art Works as they are created for live performances and later exhibited.

Joanna has a keen interest in Environmentalism, Conservation, Prehistoric Art and History.

Through her work Joanna wishes to honour nature and promote art being used for positive social change.

Joanna grew up in a run down 500 year old cottage named ‘Crackbones’ on top of a hill in a village in the South of England. Joanna was the middle child and only girl in a household of boys – 3 brothers and 5 step brothers. Joanna learnt from an early age about the struggles for sexual equality. Female Vulnerability was not an option in that environment.

Joanna’s Mother and Grandmother owned and ran a costume making Business – her Grandfather was an engineer and owned a construction company and was also the local village undertaker. Joanna’s Father and Uncles were engineers. One particular Uncle made small submarines for deep-sea divers to film underwater and her Auntie was a midwife. Joanna’s childhood was spent surrounded by beautiful fabrics, historical costumes, cement and building materials mixed in with stories of births, deaths and sprinkled with tails and footage of incredible underwater worlds. This early environment was to prove vital in the creative development of Joanna’s imagination.

Joanna grew up sewing, using power tools and working on building sites for pocket money with her brothers she dug graves for the family business. “ It was a pretty hard mixture of manual labour and fantasy”. The work ethic and manual skills learnt in these early years have proven to be invaluable to Joanna in her life as an artist.

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