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Secret of The Golden Flower


Environmental Sustainability Project

Joanna collected washed up debris from her local beach for 6 months.
Anything man made and out of place in that natural environment she removed, stored or dumped. Joanna lives near a world protected marine conservation area of unique interest and bio diversity. It is a tidal mudflats area and with each arriving tide waste is brought in and left behind. This entire artwork is made from debris pulled from the mud or found on the beaches including the old sail clothes and tarpaulins that make up the base of the work.

Each bottle on the artwork contains a message. Each message is different and depicts illustrations and exercises taken from ancient Chinese manuscripts detailing practices of day-to-day life on how to live well and attain human enlightenment and ultimately transcendence.

In 1931 Richard Wilhelm’s book The Secret of The Golden Flower was first published. The book tries to explain the differences in Eastern and Western spiritual practices and how the West has forgotten much of the ancient wisdom the East still retains.

Help and guidance can be found in the most unexpected places – even in piles of rubbish.

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