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Population 3

Population 3

First came the big bang then came Population 3.
Well in theory anyway… scientists believe Population 3 stars are the oldest surviving stars in our solar system.
All stars contain traceable recycled elements from the death of previous stars, absorbed into them whilst forming.
Population 3 stars however are theorised to be the purest entities in the universe created out of the big bang with nothing prior to their existence.
They have not been found as yet and scientists are in a race to find them.
These characters are messengers visiting planet earth from their own planet Population 3. They are pure in spirit, they are an evolved species and see immediately injustices and wrong doings, nothing can be concealed or hidden from them. They come in peace with a serious warning… Earth is a much beloved planet in the solar system and unique in its life sustaining atmosphere. The Earth will not be allowed to die in the hands of humans. Humans will be eradicated from earth if we do not stop harming it.

This collection is made from recycled junk. Nothing is rubbish.

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