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Joan Of Arc



Joanna is responsible for creating one of the most original performance acts to be seen in the last 25 years. Commonly known as Angle Grinding, an act whereby angle grinders are used on plates of steel strapped to the performers body. Theatrically and expressively used, this created an extraordinary performance, which was moving, powerful, sexy and truly original at the time. Seen widely as an act symbolising female sexual expression and empowerment the act was incredibly popular and Joanna travelled the world performing this show.There have been many performers over the years that have plagiarised Joanna’s show but none have come close to attaining the originality, intensity and incredible costumes that Joanna initiated.
The act is now so widely performed it is taught in circus schools.The performance was dangerous and Joanna would give a show her all. With each year passing the clients would ask for wilder entrances and for Joanna to perform in more unusual and dangerous environments; these performances happened before a time of rigid health and safety checks this meant literally taking her life in her hands each time she performed. Joanna ended up in intensive care twice.

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