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Save Our Seas

Save Our Seas

Visitors from a place deep beneath our oceans appear on our shores with a message loud and clear. Save our Seas. S.O.S.

The Shark Viceroy accompanies the Octopus Queen, he has temporarily swapped his fish brain for a human brain so that he can communicate with humans and translate his findings back to his own kind.

He is confused and does not understand human’s primary motivating force. He sees the filth and the pollution of life on earth, he sees the illness and distress many of the humans are weighed down with. He sees the goodness in man and many humans of all ages protesting, and fighting for cleaner industry healthier happier societies, and equality for all. Yet he fears for the safety and life of all living things on the planet. How can he return to his world and tell them there is only the smallest of hope that change will come in time.

We are living in a time of infinite growth on a planet with finite resources. We must live with in our means.

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