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To Be Or Not To Be

To Be Or Not To Be

Environmental installation / Performance work.

Will man survive if bees become extinct…. can bees survive mans intervention into the natural world. The Queen bee nurtures new life inside her abdomen, each egg contains a light bulb that pulsates and glows symbolising the hope of new ideas for a future where man can live in harmony with the planet.

In some parts of the world bee decline is so advanced human workers spend hours a day at the top of ladders pollinating individual tree blossoms by hand with paint brushes. To Be Or Not To Be consists of 3 wearable art works – the Queen bee and two worker bees carrying ladders, the worker bees are covered in toxic pollen.

These works were created from silver industrial plastic waste.

To Be Or Not To Be won Joanna first prize in the Weta Workshop costume and film category at the International competition World of Wearable Art in 2015.

The work remains in the Public Permanent Collection of The Museum of Wearable Art in New Zealand and is regularly exhibited.

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