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As Above So Below


Whether the inky black depths of the sky above us or the inky black depths of the oceans below us these environments are sacred and essential for harbouring millions of species life and well fare. Pollution is a massive problem and humans need to radically re think the way they as a species impact on the natural world. The technical solutions are developing and change is happening. Like evolution change takes time to occur and it is up to all of us to be part of the solution and not the problem to help that change happen.

These sculptural costumes honour the wonder of deep underwater jellyfish – their bodies pulsate with intense and breath-taking colours. Creatures so wonderful one can imagine they are ethereal beings visiting from another world.

Joanna collaborated with the London based company Light Initiative to develop ground-breaking technology for the use in these costumes which are the first of their kind in the world.

They perform as part of the Metamorphosis show with the International Performing Collective Arcadia Spectacular. A company Joanna has been working with since 2008.

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