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Love Struck Traitors Gate


Wearable Art Work / Performance / Installation.

Researching symbolism Joanna discovered that Pomegranates in ancient mythology and art history were used to symbolise life and female fertility owing to their many seeds and being the only known fruit to bleed.

The arch has been used in sculpture to symbolise transition or a journey; what has been before is left behind and a new future lies ahead.

The gates are a scaled replica of Traitors Gates from The Tower Of London in the UK. The original gates were built in 1270.

Created from an old red Chesterfield sofa and other domestic fabrics.

The gates are attached to the performer and move wherever the performer moves. The work deals with the themes of Love, Betrayal, Female Fertility and Domestic Violence. I saw red….

Joanna is seeking commissioning partners to support the creation and presentation of this performance – if you are interested in commissioning or booking this performance please contact Joanna.

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